Sunday, November 10, 2013

LOWTECH – The California Issue #1...

LOWTECH – The California Issue #1 is the photographic travel diary of Swiss hot rod blogger, automotive journalist and self-taught photographer Marc Wöltinger. He spent an entire year in Southern California to see and experience at first hand the traditional American car cultures: Hot Rods and Custom Cars. Follow him through car shows and get-togethers, meet backyard builders and dedicated racers, and get an insight into a still vibrant scene with a distinct sense for the cool, for craftsmanship, and ingenuity. Also, if you’re pondering going to California by yourself, LOWTECH – The California Issue #1 might become your travel guide and source of inspiration. And with the look and feel of a quality car magazine it’ll look great on your coffee table, too!

Buy a copy of LOWTECH – The California Issue #1, here's a brief preview for you.
Marc now has his BigCartel web store up and running for your purchase.
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– One year of Southern California Car Culture
– Hot Rods, Custom Cars, Builders and Car Shows
– 106 pages in color, no ads
– By Marc Wöltinger, Blogger, Automotive Journalist & Photographer from Switzerland

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