Saturday, February 23, 2013

Going On In The Garza Shop...


Arnold is making progress on the '41 Plymouth.  The front end has been rebuilt and now has dropped uprights and disc brakes with a cut coil.  The tail lights are currently being made which are going to be in the bumper guards.  Next the paint will be removed and all the body work will be done.  It still needs chrome work but they are in no rush.  This car will be on the  road soon but will still be under construction.  Check back soon for more updates.


The '31 Chrysler is coming along slow but sure.  Tonight I mounted the radiator and started working on the grille shell.  The steering box is mounted along with the column and steering wheel.  Next I will set up the master cylinder and brake pedal assembly.  I am also working the floors and mounting the rear section of the body so it has the right stance.  More to come soon.

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Gilbert's Plymouth is coming along nicely! I cant wait to see it finished. Arnold is doing a great job, too.