Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Old WCK Paso Robles "Paso" Photos...

Once the Mecca of all Kustom shows. Now West Coast Kustoms holds the event in Santa Maria California at the fairgrounds. It is still a great show if you like Kustom cars and traditional Hot Rods. I have friends that have been going to Paso for many that will not attend the show in Santa Maria just because it is held in a fairground setting. I have been going to shows for the past 30 years and most have been in fairgrounds and parking lots or parks. I must admit, there was nothing like Paso and I don't think it could be replaced. Paso was also known for the weather and ease of walking distance to the many restaurants, bars and antique stores. Paso even had an Auto Parts store at the back end of the park for any people who had car problems. Santa Maria is actually a great show and if people still need to attend to keep Kustoms and Hot Rods alive well into the future. It will never be Paso but who knows, someday there may be a Kustom reunion in Paso. I'm a believer.

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