Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Olds Kustom...

My brother told me about this Oldsmobile about a year ago. I haven't seen it in it's finished state but I know it has to look nice.  This one below actually looks like it may be the one but I have my doubts.


Ford -49 said...

No thats not the right car, here you get a link on some photos on a lot of swedish Kustoms, and the oldsmobile is in there, now its dark-green and its a very nice car!
This is a very nice Kustom blog and i try to read it as often as i can!


Manne said...

No, it´s a swedish custom, won the prestigious "Lead Sled of the Year" at Customs of Swedens Lead Park earlier this year.
It has a wonderful dark green metallic paintjob and looks really great from every angle.