Sunday, October 23, 2011

The '46 Ford Coupe...

This has been an amazing car.  It has a very nice stock look and since I lowered it the appearance changed drastically.  Just by adding skirts it took on the Kustom look and finally I was able to buff the paint and add full hubcaps.  This car has taken on a completely different look and I am very happy with the outcome.  I don't know if I want to chop this one or keep it the way it is.  I do have a good idea for the grille without doing much work at all.  I will keep you posted.


matt machine said...

that car looks fantastic....perfect light for those photos...if you ask me......i love it unchopped.


Beautiful car, Mark. I'd have a hard time doing ANYTHING to that car, its perfect as-is. Good sein you last weekend in Guadalupe.


FatFords4Ever said...

I really love the stance of your 46 coupe. I too have a 46 ford Super Deluxe business coupe. I would like to know how much you lowered it, how you lowered it,and also what size tires you are running. The stance on yours is absolutely perfect. I have to admit at one time I was going to chop mine like Snooky Janich's, but seeing yours unchopped totally changed my opinion. Just the lowering and the skirts made such a dramatic difference. It already has that speedboat taildragger look without the chop. Man it's just perfect. I would love to have mine turn out as nice as yours.

Stylish Kustoms said...

Thank you Matt. Email me at and I will give you all the details of the Ford. I would also love to see photos of your car.


Stylish Kustoms said...


From the stock position I believe the car is lowered 4" in the front and around 6" in the rear. When I got the car it had 6" shackels in front and the rear shackels were stock. My friend Matt Volk was working on a lowered 46 Ford Woody for a guy setting it up with Mustang II with disc brakes. I purchased the complete front end that he removed with new brakes for $450 and the axle was already dropped 2 1/2". At first I had the eye reversed on the front spring and they also removed 2 leaves. I put it all together and tha car was nice and low in the front and looked good but the sway bar hit the lever shocks and would not allow thar car to sit on its own weight. I removed the shocks and the car sat super low but the axle was bottomed out with no clearance. I put the 2 leaves back in and the car was still too low. I think they de-arched the springs at the spring shop because there was no way the car should have been that low. I ended up putting the stock spring back in and that is how you see it now. I was thinking about switching out the one spring with the reversed eye with the stock one to get another 1 1/2" lower but I may just leave it alone. It has better travel that it is now. I also went to tube shocks up front with 47 top mounts that we extended 2".


As for the rear, I had the eyes reversed, took 2 leaves out and used 4 1/2" shackles. It was great at first but when I hit a big bump the longest spring bent and the car got lower. The car was now way too low. I had the shop re-arch the spring and also put one back in the pack to give it the right support so it would not bend again. The back is now good but I still have the lever shocks that need to be replaced with tube shocks. I have the new shock mounts so now I just have to buy the shocks and install them. It is good being that low but if I was to go any lower in the rear I would have to C notch the frame for the right travel.



Alex. said...

Beautiful mild custom. Perfect. I have a question, is this a business coupe?

Stylish Kustoms said...

Yes it is a Business Coupe.