Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Awsome People From Switzerland...

I met up with Mark from LOWTECH Traditional and Dani at he Santa Maria show. 
They are both from Switzerland.  Check them out with the Original Kustomizers,
 Bill Hines & George Barris.

  They are all great people.  Tonight Mark & Dani came over to my Dad's shop for
 a tour and then we went on a photo shoot and dinner in Guadalupe CA. 
Gilbert and Steve from Los Phantoms Car Club met up with us
 for the shoot in front of the Far Western Tavern/Restaurant.  
Soon the photos will be posted on


marc / lowtech said...

Hey Mark, what a great time we had! thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

i can attest these kats are kool , they came by and got the pleasure of cutting Daniels hair...enjoy our country...el chubbs

allthingskool said...

Kool guys, nice to have met them, for him to shoot my car was one of the koolest things to happen . I'm now big in Sweden hahaa