Friday, April 29, 2011

1940 Packard Parts For Sale...

Lots of 40 Packard Parts.  If interested email me at
or check out some of the items on Ebay

1940 Super 8 ORIGINAL parts unless stated otherwise...

Radiator, Straight 8 Head, Front Fenders, Trunk Rack Brackets, 3 Horn Assemblies, Hood,
Rear Suicide Drivers Side Door, 1 Starter, 1 Overdrive Transmission, Driveshaft,
1 Brake Drum, Numerous Hubcaps, 2 Stromberg Carburators, Fuel pump,
2 Interior Visors, Trunk Lid, 3 Steering Wheel Chrome Rings,
Headlights, 1 Passenger Side Rear Fender.

Hood Ornaments - 1 Cormorant w/out wings w/ base, 1 Goddess
of Speed w/ base, 1 Cormorant w/ base rechromed
I believe them to be the following years
1939 cormorant hood ornament
1941 cormorant w/ base
1942 hood ornament
1939 hood ornament
1952 cormorant w/ base

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