Sunday, April 18, 2010

1957 Buick

This is one of my old photos from the Los Banos West Coast Kustoms Car Show back in 93 or 94.  I don't know much about this car but it was one of the best at the show.


Anonymous said...

That is Glen Stedman's '57. It was built in part by Kustom Mike of Mini Merc fame, I think he's one of your links.

Anonymous said...

It's Glenn Stegeman (I misspelled it before)
Check Custom Mike's site.

K. Mikael Wallin said...

Great looking site. Thanks for posting this great shot of Mr Glenn Stegeman's 1957 Buick Century Kustom named "Radically Subtle" finished by Customikes in 1990 and recently re-debuted at Santa Maria WCK show in 2010 with a complete drivetrain rewamp. See more here: